My passion is exploring and creating stories, poems to reveal, express and share thoughts feelings and ideas to inspire wellbeing and joy.

I would love to share what I have learned with others, and also learn from others as I continue my writing journey


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As well as sharing my passion online, I am keen to work with individuals and groups of all ages within the local area in workshops, presentations or training to share and promote stories and creative writing as a pathway to well being, self esteem and confidence

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I have worked in Early Years education for 10 years, introducing children to the foundations of literacy – as well as a future love of reading!

I hold an Honors degree in English literature, and I am an associate member of the National Association for Writers in Education

My sustained commitment to literacy, reading and writing for personal and academic progress has enabled me to enhance my knowledge and skills base. With the addition of my L3AET qualification I have the teaching skills to enable me share my knowledge with alla ages.

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Keep in touch for news about my own upcoming stories, poems and inspiration to help you on your writing journey.

Writer, Teacher, Human

About me

My name is Judith Bristow and I live in Helston, Cornwall

I work in Early Yeas education promoting and supporting the educational and personal development of pre-school children in all areas of the Early Years curriculum, including literacy and reading.

As a formally trained Person Centered counselor I understand the immense personal benefit of being able to articulate and communicate thoughts, feelings and ideas, and creative writing is one way of being able to do this.

Personal confidence and esteem can be nurtured from a tender age in a persons life within a supportive personal and environmental context, and can be evoked and restored to some measure at anytime during a person’s adult life, again with the means, motivation and opportunity to do so. Creative expression – writing is fun, but also has an extraordinary magic to reveal, release and inspire well-being and personal growth. I endeavor to evoke the magic for me through my own practice of journal-writing, short stories and poems, and reading the works of others. Given the knowledge skills and experience I have gained throughout my personal and professional development, I am moved to share with others what I have learned in the hope that they may also find their own magic through literary expression.

In addition to my own commitment to reading and writing, outside of work I play the clarinet and the trumpet, and I am training to become a swimming teacher.


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